• Studio apartment
    from $99 to $135
  • 1 bedroom apartment
    from $125 to $165
  • 2 bedroom apartment
    from $150 to $220
  • 3 bedroom apartment
    from $175 to $250
  • 2 bedroom townhouse
    from $175 to $250
  • 3 bedroom townhouse
    from $195 to $275
  • 3 bedroom house
    from $250 to $325
  • 4 bedroom house
    from $275 to $350
  • 5 bedroom house

Please note: These prices are approximate, as all premises vary in different ways and size I.E. How many Bathrooms and Rooms, Extensions, Windows, Size of different rooms & floor areas, if ovens or fridges need cleaning. Please talk to our quote representative if any specialised or additional cleaning is required.

What our customers say …

Yesterday we had our carpet cleaned, we have had white carpets for over 20 yrs and have never, ever had them cleaned so effectively. It was well overdue and I expected that they would not be able to get all the dirt out. Well, they did a brilliant job! Looks almost like new!

After looking at it, they suggested that it was too dirty for dry cleaning and said that steam cleaning would do a better job, so we went with the steam cleaning.

I have never been so pleased before with any of the many carpet cleaners we have used.

Thank you Vic for a job well done.

I called Total Cleaning Solutions after a friend recommended him for my end of lease clean. I was very concerned about the condition and state of my carpet as it was heavily soiled and I was worried about getting my bond back. After speaking to Vic on the day he re-assured me that he could bring the carpet back and on completion I couldn’t believe how clean they got it. The most pleasing thing about it all was getting my full bond back.